Welcome to 7 Angelica Farms,  where we produce high quality edibles & deliciousness to nourish the body, mind and spirit. Organically grown seasonal produce, gourmet meal delivery services, caterered events and more all created with good intention. 

The common thread throughout all of our products and services is that everything we do comes from a place of inspired creativity where Love is always the the most important ingredient. 







The higher purpose we serve is at the core of everything we do. Our founding principle was to create and share opportunities for people diagnosed with Autism and other neurological disorders while delivering top notch products & services that we could all proudly stand behind and build a thriving business around. 



The driving force behind our philosophy is simple Gratitude. We Love what we do and if we can help others while following our passions it just makes everything that much better for us.

From choosing who we work with, what products we source and from where to the menus we offer and serve, everything is thought out consciously to assure we are always doing our greatest good with every decision we make.